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Tagging, sharing, post privacy settings for Facebook Self Promoters!

Thoughts about posting on Facebook for those looking to promote themselves. I'll speak in terms of my musical interests but really folks, this applies to anything

Those who know me know that I'm as interested in music as much as I am Web Design & Social Media. I run a couple of music based Fan Pages on facebook (shameless promotion time)

People Who Listen  & Roving Recordings

My activites there have led me to get to know and consequently help promote many local musicians. When it comes to using Facebook for that there's some things I'd like to see them all doing and here's why:

  • Set privacy settings of any promotion posts to "PUBLIC" - If you set them to "Friends" or "Friends of Friends", while great to share you hobble the ability to expand discovery of you in some subtle ways. For example, as a page owner who might share that post I am unable unless it's set to public. The idea here is to promote to the world, yes?
  • Use tagging liberally - Say you are having a special guest sit in for a gig you should definitely be tagging them in your post. You instantly pick up their social circle as an audience for that post. Remember to try to craft posts to invoke comments. If you can get a third level circle to comment. boom. good thing.
  • Tag locations also - When you tag the venue's fan page you are doing some important things. One thing is throwing a little love to the venues fan page while promoting yourself there. win-win. Another is helping the reader of your post easily click into some valuable information like the address of the joint. Music fans don't typically know venues as well as musicians. I always cringe when someone posts: Hey come see us at Sully's. Same time as always! Great now I need to find out where Sully's is and what the usual start time is. Way to offload in a negative way YOUR promotional duties! (no offense to any club named Sully's out there)
  • Post photo's to go along with your promotional text - This give me and all the other people something to share. Set Privacy to PUBLIC! ( see the first bullet ). We all love to share and one of the beauties of all this is you can get us to do the work for you. Shhh. don't tell anyone :-)
  • Post videos too! - See photo bullet.
  • Make sure all pertinent info is in your post - If you forget and add it as a comment, you've lost some momentum for the post. Assume we know nothing about you, your musical style, the venue or the start time in your post. You're not speaking to the people who know you but they'll appreciate the help too. You're always speaking to the people who know nothing about your band!
  • Create Events for your gigs - Create individual events for you gigs and post about them. I know it can be cumbersome but an event created to cover multiple gigs is useless. Winston Wolf says "Can't use'em. The thicker the better, the darker the better". The whole point of an event is it ties a single date to a fans Facebook events calendar. Got it! I also use some trickery to embed Facebook events into a Google Calendar. Winston Wolf says only individual events can be used. See my post on Event Best Practices for a little primer on that also.
Consider the event title carefully. I personally suggest you always use:

Band Name @ Venue  Other text in the title of the event is confusing and actually wreaks havoc when the event gets embedded in other systems (I.e. Google calendar)

Share your pages events easily with a simple addition to your fan pages web address. Just add /events to the end of the URL and share away Merrile, share away :-)

                 (here's a real one for a great Boston Area Musician, Lydia Warren)

                 (and another rocking band, The tony Soul Delta Blues Project)
  • Hashtags -  Hashtags are a wonderful shiny new thingy on Facebook. Before you go putting a hash mark in front of everything and thinking your the best thing since sliced bread consider a few pointers. See below:
Go ahead and hashtag what seems appropriate but with the understanding that if you don't test them out you really don't know how many folks you're going to reach. To test them out simply click on the link the hashtag creates in the post. You'll be dismayed to find that you are most likely the only one using it. 

I had a chance to use what I knew would be a widely known hashtag the other day #themostinterestingmanintheworld. Thanks to Dos Equis beer you just know multitudes of people have used it and will click through to see who else has. Boom, opportunity. On the other hand #sullyrocks will not get you anything (sorry Sully's).

Try to tie what you have to say into what will NOT be a unique hashtag, that is unless you are trying to build a following for a certain hashtag the way the Twitter-verse does. An awesome goal to achieve but sort of like playing the lottery. Don't let me discourage you on hashtags with this little rant. Use them as you want but go in with your #eyeswideopen.

That's it for now. Something to chew on before you make your next post. Lovingly from me to you.

Article written by Adam Signore
Adam Signore is the owner of Signore Web Design. A company providing Web Design, Social Media Marketing and Custom Facebook Application Development. To learn more about Adam check him out on:

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