Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Early adoption window: SchoolFeed

Perchance to dream.

I love when new social networks ramp up. there's always a window where you can really gain from using whatever social connectivity they build in. The problem with the whole social thing is once something is popular there's the TMI problem and the value of your post is too watered down (For me anyways) to reach the masses.

The same thing happens with PPC advertising. Once Google dominated the market, Google AdWords became useless unless you have a Wal-Mart sized budget. Right now you get way more bang for your buck out Microsoft Ad Center.

I suspect the same thing will happen with Groupon and those avenues also. But as i digress, I must digress and remind how often i digress....

But i Digress.....

So what were we talking about?? Oh Yeah The window of opportunity on new social networks. So there's this new thing going around, probably seen the notices on facebook. One of the many "Bring me back to High School" Websites. This one is called SchoolFeed.

Schoolfeed is better than the rest i must say. In shorter time it's been more meaningful than the rest. Here's where you want to capitalize: The interests selections. This plugs you into "feeds" based on your interest selection. Well if you happen to be marketing something, do it here. The feeds are new, unpopulated (relatively speaking) and currently the social connections are configured so that total strangers with similar interests see your posts.

I also run a new little side thing called Roving Recordings that was bourne out of my love for the live local music scene and videotaping it.

so any-who I have posted not even three videos to and i am getting interest from people all over the country. Now that's meaningful!

Just a heads up. As this takes off the value of the feed will go down.

Article written by Adam Signore
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