Thursday, January 12, 2012

The declining value of a "Like", Rising value of a "share"

There has always been a hierarchy to Facebook's viral aspect:

  1. Getting a comment - This was great as it automatically did two things
    • Posted your fan page status on that persons wall
    • WHILE creating discussion
  2. Getting a share, which posts to all their friends without discussion
  3. Getting a like, which essentially did the same thing, minus a little multimedia

With the recent layout changes that include the real time activity box on your upper right hand side of your wall, the like which really only appears there, has been pushed down even further. Essentially for a like to have value all the "likers" friends would really need to be looking at that box at the same time for it's existence is short lived. The stream of activity pushes it to an quick grave much the same way the twitter stream will.

I officially declare the like dead, but that may be premature.

All that said I will reiterate something that is always open for discussion: Share or comment. I say comment because, hey facebook is social, social is discussion and discussions are interesting.

So as always, try to post in a way that elicits comments! (Why people often use inflammatory statements to get the ball rolling).

A short post today. Get over it!

Article written by Adam Signore
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