Friday, December 11, 2009

Untangling Social Networking Bridge Services

This post is a very preliminary stab at describing the use and untangling of Social Networking Bridge Services©. Very preliminary...

In fact this post describes the actual first pass at creating a strategy to simplify and automate the social networking efforts for the
Joy of Sox Movie project. I'm sure that others who have tackled this before will probably know of a better way to do some of these things. I'd be glad to hear suggestions for improvement or other services that might fill the void better!

In the work being done for the client I had one goal. Make the clients blogging efforts be the primary source that feeds all the other SocNet efforts.

What are social networking bridge services anywho?

Simply put they are third party services that facilitate communication between the main social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.
They also enhance functionality of the main social networks.

Here's the list of what was used in this strategy:
  • TwitPic - Allows for uploading of photo's and binding to a Tweet. Enhancement.
  • TwitterFeed - Will listen to your blogs Atom Feed and create Tweets with mini-url's to blog post. Bridge Service.
  • iTwitter - MySpace Twitter module that allows Tweets to display in your MySpace page. Bridge Service.
  • Facebook's Twitter import - Listens to your Twitter presence and imports your Tweets as status updates. This was set up through the projects Facebook page NOT an individual Facebook profile. Bridge Service.
  • YouTube's Blog import - Import your blog postings into YouTube. Bridge Service.
  • LinkedIn's Twitter Module - Allows LinkedIn updates to be posted as Tweets on your Twitter profile. Bridge Service.

Here's a graphical map of the strategy:

Of course being in the early stages the strategy has not achieved perfection. The main problem is that the Joy of Sox Movie Blog is not the only source of information intended for the social networks. So consequently if a post originates in Facebook, it posts to Twitter which in turn posts it back to Facebook. But so far this is only a problem for your humble narrator as he makes the post and subscribes to the page that in turn receives it from Twitter. Not a biggie by any means.

There are some obvious things that are not being used right now such as Facebook's Blog import via the notes function. This was a decision in the name of untangling the multiple paths of communication that all these systems are offering.
A clean path of transmission.

I think that if TwitterFeed grows to include and multiplex more input and output streams it could be the end all of feeding Social Networking Cross Platform Communication (did i coin a new phrase again!)

Oh and BTW, I think I'm the first to use the phrase Social Networking Bridge Service © , So there!

Your humble narrator.

Content in the above posting is not meant to be the definitive last word on anything.

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