Friday, April 15, 2011

Untangling Social Media Connectivity Part 2

This is a follow up to a post called: "Untangling Social Media Bridge Services". That post's name being a meager attempt by your humble narrator to coin a new industry phrase. Oh well.

Well things have certainly come a long way since then and i have essentially been able to consolidate all those services via one pretty spiffy app called Hootsuite:

In one convenient place I can now take my Blog's rss feed (and my clients blog rss feeds) and pipe them to any social media properties I or my clients have. Here's a list of benefits:

  • Replace Twitterfeed for rss distribution
  • Replace Twuffer for tweet & fan page scheduling
  • Don't need to logout and login to manage multiple client social media properties.
  • for small monthly fee ($5.95) I can manage an unlimited number of feeds and profiles through a Pro account.
  • Also links into MySpace, LinkedIn, FourSquare, etc.
  • Allows for unlimited configuring of connections between feeds/social profiles so i am configuring all my clients in one interface. Set it and forget it!
  • The Pro account will also hitch up with Google Analytics for better metrics.
I could go on but i think you get the idea. I would say that the only drawback is that the interface can get a little overwhelming when you have a bunch of different clients loaded up but if your only managing one biz's social presence than this is not an issue.

I highly recommend it!

P.S. for nice consolidation of activity on all your social media outlets, check out Nutshell Mail.

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