Thursday, March 22, 2012

LinkedIn: New and imaginative ways to be less usefull

I must say I have been an avid fan of LinkedIn since i first found out about it. A great networking tool for business professionals, the unemployed and heck even your friends too!

Like all wonderful online services they grow and change, try to find ways to get revenue and more customers. Always a good thing. Meh, not usually. It's like a Frankenstein movie at that point. Adding disparate functions and services that are not core to it's existence.

So LinkedIn how hath thee offended in these ways. I'll just give a laundry list of the good things and how they've screwed it up. You will soon get the idea of where I'm coming from.

  • Well first it was free for everything, then you couldn't really have any functionality unless you paid. This is not a complaint it is actually a good thing really for linkedIn would most likely be gone without it.
  • Allowing open groups - closed groups are useful as accepted like minded people get together. Open groups become spam targets for trolls searching out a specific mindset.
  • Recommendations - These are a great way to get your happy clients to spout off about you in a meaningful way. there's also the gratuitous recommendations but for the most part if you suck you won't even get those. Great and double great except! LinkedIn only lets your contact list see them. Epic fail when you are trying to market yourself through LinkedIn to new clients who probably are not on your contact list or even worse, not on LinkedIn at all. So basically the only people who get to see your recommendations are the ones who know you already. Unless you want to be a salesman for LinkedIn and get new clients to sign up. Oh yeah, that's a great way to make sales!
  • This just sucks all around - LinkedIn Customer Service. I can actually say I have never had such terrible service and rude and insulting to boot! But hey don't take my word for it. Go check out their BBB Rating. The D+ did not surprise me at all:
LinkedIn's BBB Rating

Just for humor, here's what Wall St. Thinks of LinkedIn

Well that's it for now. I'm sure there are many other ways LinkedIn has and will find to become less useful but these are the ones that are peeving me. Also remember this is a I'm peeved piece there are many many great things about LinkedIn and I'm planning on sticking around!

Article written by Adam Signore
Adam Signore is the owner of Signore Web Design. A company providing Web Design, Social Media Marketing and Custom Facebook Application Development. To learn more about Adam check him out on:

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