Friday, November 2, 2012

What type of fan page do you have??

What type of fan page do you have??

Really the question is: what type of fan page do you want??

It's no secret now that businesses are flocking to fan pages in hopes of generating more revenue in these tough times. Can fan pages do it? Of course they can. Do you know of any other medium with such a captive audience?

The problem is two fold though, as with any marketing. You need to have people find you AND you need to motivate people to do something. Facebook fan pages come with built in leverage to help you achieve the first but the lions share of the latter falls on you.

Let's chat about these two issues, shall we?

In social Media there's a buzz word that gets us all excited and becomes the source of the ultimate let down. You know what it is.... come on, can you say: Viral?

Truth is going viral takes work and happens rarely. The real success comes like anything else, effort = reward. We'd all love to have something go viral and you SHOULD definitely try for that. Trust me, the word "Bacon" has a mystical like power. just don't get let down when it doesn't happen.

But this dream of putting up a post like:

"Hey come on down down tonight, we've got free stuff and a great atmosphere" 

will fly about as far as a bowling ball tied to a helium filled birthday balloon.

Now think about that fan page update. You've seen them, doesn't that just really put the suck in social???

What you need is something that will make your fans "like" (good), "comment" (better) or "share" (***Insert sound of angels singing here***) your posts.

There's a lot of things to consider when doing this: graphics, tone, relevance, humor. I could go on and on but let me suffice to say that you know when someone just shamelessly markets to you and you know how quickly that makes you turn away. So I pose the question: Why do it to your current and potential fans????

spoiler alert:  social media = fans marketing for you. duh.

Here's an example of shameless promotion in a post:

At Signore Web Design, we can give your fan page a voice and personality that keeps your fans engaged. We will help spur your fans to be ambassadors of your brand, be the first line of defense for customer service issues, can create compelling fan page apps that increase the value of your page and also provide professional level graphics that Facebook users will see as an example of the professionalism of your brand. 

We simplify the management of fan pages, provide real time response to fans all with the consummate professional manner. At a cost you will not believe.

While that is the truth of the matter, and we can be reached at 774-232-0508 to discuss how it works, I'd probably have some recommendations about putting posts like this on a fan page.

Article written by Adam Signore
Adam Signore is the owner of Signore Web Design. A company providing Web Design, Social Media Marketing and Custom Facebook Application Development. To learn more about Adam check him out on:

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